Our Story

Learning to knit for me began when I was four. I remember sitting with my grandmother, Anna Ethel on a green plaid couch. She handed me red plastic knitting needles and a ball of wool and showed me a simple cast on.

I remember the concentration of carefully poking the needle through the stitch, wrapping the wool around the exposed point and bending my wrist just so, so the needle would create the loop as I pulled it through the stitch on the left needle. I can still feel her calm, focused attention on my first stitches, encouraging me to get them right.

She sat with me, holding her own knitting, moving the needles with such dexterity and quickness. That moment of knowledge exchanged remains so clear to me. It was the beginning of a lifetime of knitting. It became a way that I continue to use to connect with being loved for when I knit I feel not only the knowledge of knitting but that love of a grandmother.

That moment on the couch with my grandmother is part of why I have created The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio. It is my intention to pass on that knowledge and help people create those moments in their lives.

Kathleen Logan

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