10,000 Kisses(Stitches) Deep

Leonard Cohen’s language runs through my mind, the deep resonance of well chosen words. I sit thrumming mittens to Cohen’s ageless musical beats; “I had the invitation that a sinner can’t refuse, its almost like the blues.”
I carefully pull the chosen wool from the roving, lightly twist the 4” of wool between my fingers, then wrap it around the right hand needle that sits waiting, pointing through the space between the stitches. I knit the next stitch pulling the thrum in place. The gusset for the mitten has been formed and sits waiting on the safety pin to be connected to the thumb.

“You looked so good I didn’t care what side you were fighting for”.

I am 10,000 stitches deep. Socks, mittens, scarves, vest, sweater, all lay in their project bags, partially finished. I hop from yarn to yarn, pattern to pattern falling into the peace of endless stitches on different needles. Dark afternoons and mornings make the nights seem deliciously long. Knitting thrives in the dark for it is then that I give myself permission to sit in the lamp light and allow the outside world to fall away. Tonight I dip cheesy nachos in re-fried beans and salsa, listen to Leonard Cohen, and thrum. I am one with the couch and a rich soulful quiet expands in me, I’m 10,000 stitches deep.

Enjoy the dark,


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