Baby Its Cold Outside.
One of the joys of winter is that you can enjoy the cold while sitting in the warmth of your house. Knitting, crocheting or rug hooking are totally suited to this winter time. The chair is important as well. Comfortable, warm, and I like having arms to rest my elbows on so my shoulders relax as I knit.This Christmas season I sat and knit a lot. I also indulged in TV shows on Netflix and watched the snow fall on the trees outside. Just like the rest of nature I have slowed down for awhile.

I have always enjoyed winter. The perfect fresh cool air as you open the door and step out on the porch in the morning can be so enlivening. Putting on just enough clothes so that walking in -10 is filled with ease and joy.

This winter we are heating our greenhouse with a wood stove. When it is this cold we trundle off across the garden and into the greenhouse to stoke up the fire several times a day. Between my Dad, Steve and occasionally me, we keep the temperature warm enough for plants to grow. Soon we will plant seeds when there is more light in the day. We sit in wicker chairs in front of the stove as the snow falls, meditating or talking or just enjoying the silence. There is a little bit of exercise to be had in the walking and the chopping of wood, a break for the hands from holding needles and yarn.

Today, January 3, 2015 I sit at the table in The Twisted Purl, the inventory count is done, a new year has begun and its cold outside.
For those of you who have said I would like to learn to knit this year, now is the time. Our classes are open and we are ready to help you get started. Its that time of year to begin new things and learn something that may inspire you to explore a whole new human experience.

Knitting is one of the most interesting things I do in my life. It demands that I sit, which is hard for me, it requires focus, attention to many levels of detail and it engages the creative mind and force that is within me. Knitting asks that I become a calmer, smarter, more creative being. It allows me to make mistakes and then allows me to fix them. It offers me an opportunity to create beauty for functional or for completely fun frivolous things.
Come in out of the cold and knit your way to a whole new way of being.
Love Kathleen
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