This morning Dad was over for coffee. He likes lattes in the morning and lucky for us he can walk over and be part of our morning coffee klatche.

We just celebrated his 80th birthday and this winter he has decided to inspire us with connecting to a family tradition, the art of rug hooking. He found some burlap material, old sweaters from the thrift store, yarn from The Twisted Purl and he built a wooden frame to attach the rug to. My dad Kim, is a master fisherman so he drew his favourite fish on the burlap, cut the long 1/2” pieces of fabric from the sweaters and began hooking the rug. What fun it is to watch him create, relearning an art that he absorbed sitting on the lap of his mother 75 years ago. He comes from strong Vancouver Island pioneer stock that combined necessity and art into simple everyday activities. My grandmother and her sisters homes were filled with hooked rugs. They were colourful, beautiful and very alive with the expression of each of their lives.

Learning something new is the very thing that nourishes our souls and allows us to be more alive. I would like to honour all of the people who are showing up at The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio, ready to learn something new. All you need to do is “Cast On”, begin. From there, there are choices; knit, purl, yarn over, K2together, SSK, and cast off. These are just a few of the choices but as you begin to explore any art the options open up and new ways of looking at your project and even your life begin to occur.

I invite you to learn something new this year. Let go of old patterns of activity that no longer serve you and look out and find something that you can learn and master. We would love it if you chose knitting, crocheting or even rug hooking. Armstrong has an amazing quilting and sewing store, there is beekeeping going on in Vernon, you can blacksmith at Okeefe Ranch, learn to cook an amazing dish, or bake a chiffon cake from scratch. Nourish your soul as it is the ageless part of ourselves.

Happy Learning.


Kathleen Logan

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