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Spring, Knitting and Las Vegas

Sometimes the world that I have created for myself is just a little to much for me. So yesterday after finishing pruning the raspberry patch, I lay on the grass near the currant bushes and looked up at the perfectly blue sky, through the branches of a poplar tree. I was attempting to find a coherence, a calm place where I can make sense of it all. It wasn’t available to me yesterday but what a wonderful thing it is to be able to lie on the burgeoning grass listening to blackbirds, doves, geese, ducks, coots, chickadees, sparrows and nuthatches sing their hearts alive.

This week the ice melted and broke up and once again I hear the music of the wind on the lake. Spring is here and the garden in coming alive. The garlic is up 6 inches, the rhubarb is showing its ruddy self and the greenhouse is full of summer plants.

As I lay on the earth I promised myself just to be in this life of mine. I promised to feel the joy, the accomplishments and the music of spring, creating a whole new coherence.

Even though spring has arrived there is much knitting to explore. Last week while I was in Las Vegas at Vogue Knitting Live I knitted a new hat, a 1920’s inspired hat made with Icelandic Lopi yarn. Warm and stylish.

Bernice James, and I discovered a designer of fun lingerie in the Marketplace at Vogue Knitting Live. So, one evening in our lovely hotel room we sat and knitted panties while the mayhem that is Vegas carried on without us.

I took a class with Debbie Stoller of Stitch and Bitch fame on double knitting. A great technique but not for the unfocused. Bernice and I learned about Gauge with Patty Lyons, and Designed a sweater with Josh Bennett. What fun that was, from taking measure to casting off, Bernice and I felt so inspired. Spending time learning and being with people who share a passion is an amazing expansive experience. Learning in like-minded community is inspiring and life changing.

May you feel free to explore new learning this spring as the birds sing and seeds sprout bringing our hearts alive.



52 Hats!
Kathleen found her hat this week in Vogue Knitting’s “The Ultimate Hat Book”! You can either come down to the store to check it out, or you can purchase the book here : The Ultimate Hat Book


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