Goose feathers rolled on the snow like tumbleweed this morning as I sat by the lake.

The kill site soaked with blood and sinew was framed with the imprint of eagle wings and talons. The eagles here at Newport Beach sit in the big Ponderosa pines and poplar trees by the lake.

Last week, four of them fought over a fish, finally dropping it back in the lake, lost.
During the summer, the eagles chase “our” osprey, dive bombing and shrieking at them until the osprey drops the fish in frustration and the eagle flies in, catches the fish in mid air and takes it home.

In the Autumn months, the eagles spend their days dive bombing the flocks of coots that gather together to eat the milfoil just off our beach.
Hundreds of coots move in unison as the eagles dive, grasping for prey.
We don’t see many coots falling victim, but the eagles practice for hours.

There were small mouse tracks in the snow this morning.
Signs of a racoon, a coyote, deer and very dainty dog tracks.
Wrens and chickadees flitter in the red dogwood branches, quail scurry in the thicket.

I sit on a snow log looking to the water, listening…hearing the silence.

Silence was much more present this past year, as the sky was divested of airplanes and less cars drove the roads. People stayed home and they reached for creative activity.

At the Twisted Purl it was an amazing year.
We have had the honour of supporting the new knitters and crocheters,
those returning to the knitting fold and those who have chosen to dive deeper into the art.

This year was a continued realization of my vision, 5 years ago, to support and nourish creativity by making available the space, tools, and yarn so that people could explore and expand the creative energy in their lives.

I believe that creating keeps us happy and well, and as a pandemic swirls around us,
connecting into our happy, peaceful selves is made easier by a few needles, some beautiful yarn, a comfortable chair, a cup a tea or glass of wine, and a warm safe home.

Here’s to an amazing, adventurous and creative year.



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