Friendship—Soul Ease

Occasionally only time with a friend will do. This last week was one of those times. My friend Elizabeth Lotz and I have been friends since the early nineties. Probably 25 years or more. She is one of the smartest and most creatively organized people I know. Her commitment to personal growth and becoming her best self has been an inspiration to me. I stumble through life “doing” while she practices “being”.

We raised children at the same time, we skied in the Rockies, walked in the Prairies, and walked in St. Francis’s steps in Assisi. We like Lennie Gallant concerts, Yoga with Mirka and we share donuts at Ratio in Vernon some Fridays. Elizabeth loves photography and kayaking, I love knitting and growing things. We like eating out, and when we are together there is soul ease.

This gift allows me to shop with Elizabeth for the dreaded bra. Having fun while I stuff myself into the right size in a crowded changing room while avoiding the mirror. Acknowledging that things have definitely changed in those 25 years of friendship, not only size, but hair colour and the wrinkles around the eyes. Elizabeth shops with reckless abandon while I carefully peruse. She picks bright and colourful tops with movement that are sexy and alive. I choose more organic, quiet shades, carefully put together. She wants a shoe with heels so she can dance when required, I want a shoe I can wear in the garden. What fun it is to be with someone so different yet so wonderfully human.

After spending a day with Elizabeth, I once again feel much closer to my true self. Less confused by the “shoulds” and the mind offal that leaves me tired, grumpy and definitely not my best self. Thank you Elizabeth for being such a perfect part of my life.

Much Gratitude Elizabeth,

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