The Lake has begun to inch its way back to within its boundaries. The walls at the marina slowly uncover and the trees have begun to look less abandoned to their watery life. The musty smell of rotting vegetation is thick in the air and the beach and grass areas lay mucky and changed by their flood experience. The lake still full and very expanded, is quiet this year as no boats motor on our part of the lake.
The garden is almost completely planted. We eat amazing lettuce for every meal; savoring the green for its life giving ability.  We have begun to eat the broccoli and make basil pesto for new potatoes. Peas, corn and beans are all making daily leaves racing to take advantage of the summer.
I found my knitting vibe again this week after struggling to sit and knit for the last month. There was just too many things going on for me to find the focus that is necessary for me to create stitches.
So, as the water began to recede and the garden was planted there was once again space for the joy of quiet thoughtful knitting. Another Hat. On Monday night, at knit night, I was distracted by some Diamond Select Cotton Wool. The greys and cream coupled with a strong colour like apple green were discussed and then I opened the new Rowan cotton yarn designs from Kaffe Fassett. All stripes. I was inspired and decided to create a striped hat. So my offering this week is a striped hat inspired by Kaffe Fassett.
The lake continues to recede and this morning I could hear the laughter of the lake front residents as they relax knowing the flood crisis is over. Only the clean up is left.

Here’s to a summer of peaceful sun filled days.



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