October 22, 2015

Even though the peas are blooming in my garden and the celery continues to grow crisp and juicy, I know that autumn has arrived. I walk on the yellow leaves now and in the morning the air is cool and fresh. I dream of sweaters and vests of Alpaca and hats cabled.

This week we celebrated my father’s eightieth birthday with a dinner at Okeefe Ranch. What a great venue to eat, drink and converse. My Dad wore his new cowichan style knitted sweater with antler buttons that day. I was so pleased I was finally able to finish it with the help of Linda, our expert knitter and fixer of all things yarn.

I finished 2 hats this week. One for the beginner knitting class, a wonderful Gansey design that harks from the Atlantic Seaboard. The other is a Wimsey, knitted with spectacular yarn from New Zealand . I also began a new sweater exploring some Peruvian Yarn. I picked a design from Brooklyn Tweed, Nehalem, a modern Cowichan Cardigan. I love the feel of the yarn as I count and make the design come to life.

Have you begun your Christmas projects? The perfect mittens, a Noro Yarn touque for your grandchild, a scarf knitted with Berrocco, Italian made yarn, or a beautiful bulky knit cowl are great gifts for those you love. When I knit presents I say affirmations like “You are amazing and loved”, and interweave them through the gift. It makes whatever you create even more special.

This week I also learned to crochet. Trina, a very creative maker of all things crochet, has agreed to be our crochet  expert at The Twisted Purl. We began like all good knitted and crochet things with the slip knot and learned to “chain” and then to create a single crochet. “Voila” I was crocheting.  For those of you who love the art of crochet we have created Saturday as the day for those who like to crochet. Come and share your expertise, your projects and/or your frustrations. All things yarn can be changed and given new form.

Gail needle felted with our class on Wednesday. We sculpted scary Halloween things. Once again yarn was transformed. Cross-eyed vampire bats, black cats, wicked witches and weird pumpkins were found in the piles of wool fiber spread on the table. Next month Gail will be helping us sculpt Christmas Wonders. Come and join us on November 18th to create.

Have you knitted socks? Well this is the time of year to do just that. We have ordered some of the best sock yarn. Dyed to perfection, the yarn unfolds into beautiful design while you knit. Linda is available Wednesdays and Thursdays for expert advise in the art of the sock.

Gabbie and my sister Jane make up the rest of the team at The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio. Gabbie keeps us organized and customers happy. Jane loves yarn and helping people connect to the right yarn and pattern. What fun to work with such passionate and caring people.

This week we took a day off, Steve and I, and lunched at Summerhill Winery. After a great lunch we stopped at Chapters on the way back and I discovered a new book of most excellent knitted designs for wild animals. What fun to make toys for your kids for Christmas. I am making toys for my “big” grown up kids because who can resist a hand knitted wild animal.  Come by the store and check out the book and lets knit some animals together.

Wishing happiness and good health to you and yours.


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