A favourite moment in my life, many years ago, I came upon a young black bear laying on his tummy in a sea of dandelions. 

He was carefully picking the bright yellow heads and placing them in his mouth, then chewing them slowly. 

When we saw each other we both stopped moving, he looked at me, decided I wasn’t worth interrupting his pleasant spring meal, picked another dandelion and chewed. 

After a few seconds I moved quietly towards where I was headed and when I looked back, he had rolled over onto his back, putting another dandelion in his mouth.

In some ways he seemed very much like how my baby sons were when I would place them on our dandelion lawn.

The boys would reach out to the bright yellow dandelions, grab and instantly the flowers were in their mouths – yellow pollen mixed with drool would smear on their cheeks. 

The joy of laying on the earth and just being in the elements, unencumbered by any preconceived notions. 

Only the beauty of the dandelion was real.

The dandelion has a lot history with both positive and negative meaning for people. 

For many, it is the scourge of the urban landscape and must be destroyed at all cost. 

The truth is, a dandelion can thrive and survive in very difficult conditions. 

I have often seen them growing from a crack in disturbed pavement, flourishing, despite the tough situation. 

When you search for the ‘meaning’ of the dandelion, it resonates with the times we are currently weathering.

Healing from emotional and physical pain.
The warmth and power of the rising sun.
Surviving through all challenges and difficulties.
Long lasting happiness and youthful joy.
A symbol of fighting through the challenges of life and emerging victorious on the other side.

For me the, dandelion has always been a beautiful, joyous flower when flowering or in seed. 

A perfect harbinger of spring and new beginnings.

This week, while going through my yarn stash, I found an unfinished project – The Creekside Cable Hat in dandelion yellow and I was inspired to complete it. 

In another project bag there was a Fleece Artist blanket, waiting to be worked, also in an amazing spring yellow. 

It was time for Dandelion Knitting.

The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio is once again, open for business. 

While we were closed for ‘social distancing’, Nikki worked on developing our new e-commerce website. 

In between home schooling and navigating this ‘new normal’, she {with the help of our good friend & tech expert, Tasha}  has created a whole new look for The Twisted Purl. We look forward to being able to serve you better!

In honour of the Dandelion,  I would like to share with you a recipe –  Honey Dandelion Shortbread Cookies. 

Here’s to dandelion knitting and cookies!
Happy Spring,

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