Emotional Knitting

I call it emotional knitting. Its when there is this desperate feeling to pick up the needles and attempt to create order out of the chaos of my life. I sit up late at night or early in the morning in the quiet, being with each stitch as I poke and wrap around the needles. A rhythm is created and inches upon inches of fabric falls from the needles. My favourite stitch to knit is stocking stitch when I am in this place. Simple, even, orderly. The knit side eases the nervous system and the purl the heart. Together they create and I am left with soft even fabric.
This week I am healing with Rowan Felted Tweed paired with Kidsilk Mohair. It will become a cardigan, soft, flowing and classic. The pattern calls for long inches of fabric unfettered by cables, colour or design, just the natural goodness of wool and mohair.
In between I put the garden to bed. The garlic has been planted, the decomposing cucumbers, tomatoes, and sad looking basil plants have been relegated to the compost. The beds are slowly being covered with composted manure and my 21 rosemary plants have been potted for the winter and ready for their quiet time in the greenhouse. How beautiful they are this year. They have thrived in this wet summer showing at least a foot of growth. What a wonderful smell to be in the rosemary plants and transplanting the thyme along the rock wall. Another way to soothe the soul.
Thanksgiving came and went with the perfect pumpkin pie from fresh roasted pumpkin from the garden. Potatoes, onions, turnip, tomatoes,
, beans, brussel sprouts all found their way to the table via the garden. We had 16 for dinner on the Monday, a celebration of cooperation and connection. The rain came and the parched earth rejoiced, small dill, larkspur, lovage, lettuce, cilantro seeds have all sprouted showing their new selves.
The presence of winter is showing itself and I look forward to the quiet time. Knitting and purling creating order from the chaos.

Have an amazing weekend.

Here are a few shots from our needle felting, dryer ball class last Saturday! Let us know if you’d be interested in joining another one!


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