I sit this Sunday morning, June 26 in the lap of hospitality of Susan and John Yeoman, Antrobus, Northwick, Cheshire, England. Their farmhouse built in 1815 sits on a lovely flat piece of land, 4.5 acres large, with a hayfield, vegetable garden, tennis court, and gardens.

It is a lovely, friendly home that welcomes. We arrived Friday in Manchester after an overnight flight from Vancouver. Tired, sinus cold stricken (me) and slightly discombobulated, Aunt Jan and I entered into the streams of people headed through airport customs. John and his son Timothy were to meet us, sight unknown. We decided that they would find us if we “stood out” in the crowd and that strategy seems to have worked for they found us, led us to a waiting car and soon we were ‘hurtling’ on the wrong side of the road through “slim” roads towards an unknown but certain destination.

Hedges, Oak trees, green grass and grazing sheep all created a pleasing sight as we drove through the countryside. English countryside does not disappoint for it is as the pictures say and the imagination concocts, simply beautiful, pastoral and strangely locked in a time warp that just continues. John and Susan had invited their sons for lunch and we were engulfed into the family vibe over sandwiches, blue veined cheeses, tea and conversation. Aunt Jan and I had arrived for our English vacation.

We are here until July 11. We are doing Dublin, Liverpool, Edinburg, Lancaster, The Lake District and then back to Susan and John. We intend to have great conversations, meals, and good times wherever we go. My sinuses have begun to improve and the brain is clearing so I can see my way clear to a vacation extraordinaire.

Next time I shall write of Yarns and wool fun.

From the Isles,

Kathleen Logan

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