It’s cold at night now and I have begun reaching for sweaters and looking for matching socks after a barefoot summer. Here at The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio, we are ready for Winter. The wool, cashmere and silks have arrived in lace weight, chunky, aran, DK and worsted. The patterns for hats, gloves, scarves, shawls, sweaters and cardigans abound. The babies in your life can be wrapped in blankets in every colour imaginable. Jane has knitted up a giraffe, Linda a little boy’s sweater, Gabbie is arm knitting and I have knitted hats. I love knitting hats not only for their wonderful functionality but for the opportunity to explore the many principles of knitting design as there is. From stocking stitch, to cable, to twisted or lacy ribbing they can be knitted into a beanie, a watch cap, slouchy, with ear flaps, or infused with crystal beads. Hats are a wonderful way to practice the art of knitting and to just enjoy the ease of a short project.


   Today the sun shines and the tomatoes ripen in the garden. The parsnips are huge and the celery perfect for the picking. This week we have lived on vegetable soups, feeling the nourishment of a summer’s growth. Oliver our grandson helped us roll the huge pumpkins from their summer places, shouting with glee as they revealed their glory. As Oliver picked up the snails hiding in the grass they peaked out checking out the excitement. Oliver sat with snail in hand wondering and watching as it retracted back into its shell after he touched the slimy bit.
The mint hangs drying in the shed ready for another winter of tea, the freezer is so full that things hang precariously waiting to be grabbed as you open the door. Garlic hangs in the cold room, jam jars are piled high and its time to to put in the order for Olive Oil from California and the Rancho Vignola Nut and Dried Fruit Order.

All is Well.

Tom and Monica
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