As the wildfire smoke enters the valley, we begin to see the sun catch it’s colours. I was driving to Salmon Arm last night and was struck by the beauty in the beast. The way the sun picked up the reds, pinks and oranges created a fire in itself.

The province has just declared a state of emergency for the first time since 2003 and we are reminded that even though we’ve had flooding so recently, the fire bans have begun and fire season is definitely here. My heart goes out to all of those dealing with the current wildfires and hope everyone keeps safe through the season. While I send my thoughts their way, I am knitting. With each stitch I am saying a silent wish for all of those affected.  

With all the worry, comes our second shipment of Fleece Artist’s National Parks Collection. A wonderful, early surprised that lifts my spirits. I’m looking through the colours and I find I’m excited to try every single one of them. Working in a shop like this, you definitely struggle with that excitement, having to choose from such amazing things.  I think Stephen West said it best “I’m a collector. And you are all now collectors and curators of that fibre installation in your craft room”. Because really, how different is it from going to admire art in a museum? Artists have created these incredible pieces of work that we get the privilege to admire and experience in the form of fibre!


   So, next time you’re thinking about that word “Stash” or starting considering the definition of “hoarding”, remember, you are a collector! 
       Collect on!

This week’s hat pattern is brought to you by Susan B. Anderson. She has created this incredibly cute cable hat called “Entwined”. Kathleen has knitted it with a yarn out of her “collection”, but most light worsted wools will work with its 20sts/ 4 inch gauge. If you would like to get this pattern click here:

Entwined Pattern.

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