It’s 6:57am and I sit surrounded by a basket of bush beans, piles of zucchini’s, a box of basil cuttings, freshly canned jars of beans and Oregon Grape jelly and a fly lands lightly on my arm. Today I open The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio. My throat swells up and my eyes tear just as I write this. They are tears of many feelings. Happiness, gratitude, exhaustion, pain, love, joy, and ultimately it is about a thank you. I realized as I stood this morning in the shower attempting to wash my hair with a left arm that only works “so well”, that these last few years of work have been a great big thank you to my mother and my grandmothers. They instilled in me from my first days the desire, the skills and vision of the qualities of a life well lived. They taught me the practical skills of a pioneer woman’s life, an educated woman’s life, the job of being a mother, how to garden, how to organize events for 5-1000 people, how to cook as if it matters, how to party for the joy of it, how to dress for joy and success, and how to make money. All of which have lead to my being able to have a life that I love and thrive in. The Boutique in Armstrong, and The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio are not only businesses they are that great big thank you to Judith Kathleen,(mother) Anna Ethel, Dorothy Eleanor, Florence, Elizabeth, Imogene, and Dorothea(grandmothers). They were teachers, business women, farmers, homemakers extraordinaire and passionate about living life to the fullest. What an honor it is to be able to present to the world some of their point of view coupled with my interpretation. Welcome to the first blog from The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio. A place where I will discuss and inspire people to take on the task of living a good life filled with creativity and being well.

Much Gratitude, Kathleen

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