Garter Stitch State of Mind

June 23, 2017 and I sit on the porch in a garter stitch state of mind. My ability to purl, cable, read graphs, patterns or decipher seems to have gone the way of winter and spring. I want to bask in the ease that summer can be and allow for growth and regeneration and most definitely a new perspective that allows for more fun, creativity and overall goodness. I love the ease and comfort of the constant knit stitch. Easy to pick up and simple to put down.

June 30, 2017 and I wander through the garden. The first sunflower blooms, little potato cucumbers crunch and spray juice as you bite into them, spinach plants are going to seed and the basil plants expand into fullness. Tomatoes form filling up with the light and warmth of the summer sun.

Its Canada Day tomorrow and we are celebrating by just being at home. Feeling the strength of the land, the lake and all that means to us. I spent my years at university studying Canadian History, so Canada Day is a time of much conversation and gratitude for all that our lives as Canadians are.

I have moved from a garter stitch state of mind to a taste of Fair Isle. This week I began knitting a hat designed by Jane Mucklestone from the Making Magazine #1, Wildflower Hat. I haven’t finished the hat yet but once again I’m calm enough to read a graph and blend colour in a Fair Isle tradition.

I hope you enjoy this celebratory weekend and it is filled with all things Canadian.

Yours at 150,


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