Photo By Gabbie Dochstader   

Gratitude in the Morning.

Waking slowly to the “spring” quiet, where birds of every kind, sing their approval of the morning infused me with a deep gratitude for my life. I wake with my man Steve, my partner for 36 years and allow the energy of the day to present itself. Thoughts of another amazing week run through my mind as I stretch and come to awareness.

A weekend with Don Martel, photographer extraordinaire, learning what I do and don’t know about my camera and the Art of Seeing, was a creative way to begin. He encouraged looking for the unseen and creating photos that present a new or surprising reality. He talked of finding shapes and the play of light to present a personal viewpoint. It was a weekend of laughter, friendship and seeing the world through many eyes. Thanks to Elizabeth Lotz for organizing everything so well.

I’ve been digging in my garden beds, unearthing the constantly propagating couche grass that has no end. Worms, beetles, and green sprouting things abound. Feeling my body reconnect with the wonderful movement of digging and turning the soil. I bend pulling the long entangled roots making room for my summer crops. I plant the tiny lettuce seedlings hoping for that early salad that makes any digging worth it. The garlic grows with last year’s encouragement.

We are beginning to take possession of the farm we recently bought. Filling a garbage bin with discarded things from another person’s life. We dig, rake, hammer, cut, pull and throw making room for our vision of this beautiful property. Working together with Steve, Ky, Lyahna and Coral we uncover, unearth, laugh, grunt, exclaim and glory in the possibilities.

I am knitting an Easter hat with raffia, a yarn made from palm trees. I found a pattern from a magazine completely designed with Jane Austen in mind and thought a Jane Austen Easter hat would be cool. It is surprisingly easy to knit and I am looking forward to adding ribbon and flowers to decorate.

Spring rain, green, violets blooming, croci, and the promise of tulips. It’s a perfect day for knitting a shawl with Berocco’s Corsica, a cotton cashmere blend, a beautiful yarn holding all of the characteristics of summer. Berrocco’s Remix, a yarn created with all recycled materials is designed to look good in smart summer tops. Cotton, linen, silk, and sugar yarns ready for your summer projects line the shelves of our store. We have new Regia summer sock yarn designed by Arne and Carlos in outstanding colour and attitude. For those looking for plain sock yarn with no added colour or design, it has arrived, white, blue, grey, black, and green for the conservative people in your life.

Spring brings such opportunity for creativity. Much gratitude to all who share that creative impulse. Happy Spring.


Gipsy-Bonnet_medium2This week’s hat is the “Gipsy Bonnet” that Kathleen has chosen to make in Universal Yarn’s “Yashi”. It is a wonderful spring hat and will be perfect for that spring sun. If you would like to make the this hat, you can find it in “Jane Austen Knits 2015 Edition”. You can either click here: Jane Austen Knits to purchase the magazine, or you can come into the store to see the pattern


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