Fruit Flies On Plums

Fruit flies swarm on the overripe yellow plums and tomatoes, wasps gather as we filet the sockeye salmon, nibbling, earwigs drop from the dahlia bouquet onto the kitchen table, flies draw their last breathe on the sticky fly catcher and monstrous spiders frantically build webs on all corners of the front porch. The smoke swirls and hangs in the pine and cottonwood trees while the sun shines tangerine orange. Its late summer here in the Okanagan and I have sequestered myself inside with my knitting and a few books contemplating getting to the recipes for all of the harvest that just keeps coming. Jam, sauce, salsa, fruit leather, freeze, can, or when its all too much start giving it away.

The onions are ripe, carrots are of a perfect size, red cabbage mature, tomatoes perfect, basil abounds and the blue hubbard squash at the farm are simply huge. We have garlic for the whole year, pumpkins are ripe and the honey man has taken honey from the hives. We have eaten smoked salmon with Grey Monk Pinot Gris. I have put basil pesto on just about everything and eaten cucumbers paired with all kinds of vinegars and oils. Zucchini noodles were a favourite meal this summer. Sautéed with olive oil, garlic, onions and tomatoes the noodles became a summer soup hot or cold.

This time of year in the garden is like The Twisted Purl, filled with so much variety, texture, colour and endless creative options. Yarn of all shapes and sizes await a “recipe” and you. The fall yarns are arriving and we are ripping tape from boxes and pulling 100s of skeins of yarn out touching and feeling and imagining. Pattern books from Berrocco, Rowan, Marie Wallin, Cascade, lay on the table and the creative juices flow. FairIsle, Yoke sweaters, Shawls, I want to make a dress, slippers, mitts, I am making a hat with ——, socks, a vest is on the needles, cashmere, shetland wool, mohair, a guernsey sweater, a baby blanket is 1/2 finished. The mind, the hands, the heart become engaged as the skeins slip through my fingers and I begin once again to imagine those long, quiet, peaceful nights of fall and winter, me and my knitting.

Next week the IPE is on here in Armstrong and we are sponsoring the knitting and crochet display. It is a terrific display of amazing hand made artistry. I so love supporting and being part of the amazing creative community of fibre artists that find there way to our door. The IPE is a wonderful country fair and a perfect end to our Okanagan summer. Often dusty, hot and filled with smells of animals, cotton candy, fried onions, and the noise of the rodeo and carnival barkers harmonizing with screaming kids and mooing cows, the fair is an experience come to life now, from another time. Come visit us for a quiet enlivening moment after time at the fair. Bring your ideas and imaginings so that they can match with the amazing yarn that has found its way to us. We look forward to seeing you.

Love Kathleen

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