Knit Out Loud

Some Wednesdays at the The Twisted Purl knitting is loud and boisterous. some Wednesdays knitting is intense and you can hear each person whispering, “one, two, three…, Oh no!! #*#* or Isn’t this lovely.” When we knit we are engaged in the act of creation. We are joining and reforming thread and asking it to knit together in a way that we have decided. It is a coming together of unwound opposites that make one whole, a knit and a purl are one.

This knitting together is a powerful thing. It requires you to sit down, relax, focus and to begin. To knit you must act, take a hold of the needle, reach for some yarn and carefully make a slip knot. From there you cast on, long tail, cable, tubular, whatever works best. And you Knit.

There is no mistake that most of the humans involved in hand knitting are women. It is their connection to knitting the disparate pieces of their lives together that allows them to carefully knit stitch upon stitch into a coherent pattern. That amazing desire, need, drive, to create order, beauty and function out of chaos leads to knitting outloud.

This Christmas I wish for you the opportunity to create. May the chaos of what has become our Christmas traditions, be manageable in a new way for all of you and as you bring together those seemingly unconnected pieces let there be wholeness and connection.

In the New Year The Twisted Purl brings you the world of knitting. Fair isle from Scotland, Mittens from Norway, Sweaters from Iceland, and yarn created from around the world. We will be knitting this winter as if it really matters. We will create because it is the human gift and we will Knit Out Loud.

Best Wishes,

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