CIt is to the hum of bees in the poplar tree blossoms that I gardened yesterday.

They provided the base line upon which the black birds, sparrows, collared doves, mallards, quail and chickadees sang.

As I shovelled composted steer manure into garden beds, Steve connected the irrigation, Grant took the weed-eater to the greenhouse patio and Fran raked and carefully weeded the beds.

Mark has already completed pruning the fruit trees and berry bushes.

Coral uses a leaf blower to “rake” pine needles into wind rows while Lyahna and Ky pick up yard waste from 50 homes for burning and composting.

Jim ensures all the lawn mowers, weed eaters and tractors are in mechanical order, so that by May 1st Newport Beach is ready – beautiful and open for another summer of growing, lake fun & soft ice cream cones.

As I was shovelling shit, I was preoccupied with Local Yarn Store Day thoughts.

How this ‘year of Covid’ has impacted us at The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio and what it has meant to me to have a {bricks and mortar} yarn store, as well as an online one.

As defined in The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I am predominately a person who likes Acts of Service and Quality Time as my experience of love.

These two ways of being have been what has motivated me in family, business, and community.

So, as I shovelled and let the hum of the bees resonate, I came to realize that The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio is that – an amazing mix of Love Languages.

Words of Affirmation ~

Just pull it apart and begin again.
Knitting is a creative process, not a life or death situation.
Wow! You have created something amazing!
I’m so glad you took the time to knit that {sweater} for yourself!

 Acts of Service ~

Let me help you fix that dropped stitch.
Shall I get you a cup of tea?
We will happily wind up those skeins for you.
You definitely look like you could use a nice glass of wine!

 Receiving {or Giving} Gifts ~

Boxes of yarn sent to a knitting community in Madagascar
Knitted Blankets to Local Fundraisers
A beautiful store, filled with colour and quality yarn to serve you

Quality Time ~

Drop-in Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Monday Knit Nights
Group Classes & One-on-One Lessons

** And do we ever look forward to offering all of these again!

Physical Touch ~

Just feel the…cashmere, linen, merino, Shetland Wool!

All of these forms of Love manifest at The Twisted Purl.

In a small town like Armstrong, a Valley like the Okanagan, a Province like British Columbia, a Country like Canada and the World as it exists now, the Language of Love is essential for healing and creating a future that honours a quality human experience.

This last year I saw so much anxiety, pain, sorrow and despair washed clean by the power of creativity unleashed upon yarn.

Jane, Bernice, Linda, Nikki and I, along with my office support, Kymm & Anna, as well as our Sales Reps. {Peter, Cherry, Jonathon and Beverly} worked to bring the most positive and loving environment available to you – our customers.

And the work paid off – our efforts were supported, people created, and the love was passed on.

Successful businesses are built upon quality relationships and that is, and always will be, the vision I hold for The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio.

So, this Spring, as you take your project {knitting, crocheting, felting, spinning, weaving, etc.} out to the patio, beach or orchard, listen for the hum of the bees.

And let that hum be the base upon which you sing.

Happy Creating.





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