Hot Earl Grey tea, fresh cinnamon tea biscuits, darkness creeping in and another short winter day comes to an end. I have Chiapas beans, grown in the garden last summer, baking in their sauce on the stove, and the cornbread recipe sits waiting for a late dinner tonight. Sunday night and my thoughts turn to the coming week.
The heart blanket I began in September will be completed this week. Linda has taken on the finishing and what a job she is doing. The sweater I started last week will have to be taken apart as there is a significant mistake that I cannot ignore near the beginning. I have two baby projects on the go, actually three, that will be completed. We have a new grand-daughter coming in March so the pressure is on.
February is here and although we know that winter remains we can feel the harbinger of spring. The Owls are mating, and the geese and swans have begun to pair off in preparation of their spring rituals. I have planted greens in the greenhouse and they shot up in just a couple of days. The forced bulbs are all abloom and my Amaryllis’s reach for the sky.
I have gotten lace yarn in for those light shawls of summer. We are going to have a class soon. Silk, linen, cotton all speak of the summer that is to come. This slower time of year is a great time to imagine all of the amazing projects. Come make a stuffed animal. Lean to knit, crochet or needle felt.

Enjoy winter.
Kathleen Logan

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