Lots of people garden for the fruit or vegetable. Some people garden for the exercise and the joy of being outside. As I planted Habanero pepper plants and blessed the brussel sprout seeds before they were put to bed, I realized that I garden and knit for the magic. The magic is in the imagining a perfect hot sauce or lovely cowl. Taking the care to plant with intention or cast on with care allows creation to occur.

In my garden, magic things happen, walnuts from the compost have begun to sprout and little trees are poking their way up hiding in the corners of the bed. Tomato plants sprout everywhere; gourds grow with abandon until they are felled by my special Japanese steel hoe freshly sharpened.

Lettuce has genetically changed in just a few generations as we let it grow wild. Garlic left untouched in one bed is growing in its fourth year both from seed and bulb. Strong, untouched, magical.

Last fall we missed harvesting some of the parsnips and now they grow six feet tall ready to blossom. Across the garden some carrots, forgotten and missed by our garden vole grow to seed, feathery and beautiful. The bronze fennel has found its way to many corners coupling with Larkspur they grow with profusion. Small tobacco plants have sprouted, along with dill, and California poppies. These creations are the magic that occurs within my more structured planting.

I enter into the possibility of creative magic, hold an intention of an amazing pesto, damn fine tomato sauce, or black currant jam that changes my day. Then I follow through with commitment to that vision planting and nurturing so that the magic happens. This week I haven’t knitted much having abandoned the needles for the hoe. The yarn sits waiting ever ready for creative magic and me.

May this week be filled with the creative magic of you,



Thursday, June 15th, 2017
1:00pm -3:00pm

Kate and Joyce will be coming into the shop to teach cross stitch! We have some wonderful kits for you to choose from and it’s a class good for any beginner or novice cross stitchers.

Cost of the class will be $45.00 +tax (all supplies are included)

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