November 30, 2017

This November slides into December in a burst of rain and coolness that makes me long for a warm woollen blanket, toasty slippers and a hat that keeps the dampness away. I imagine a fair isle vest I can wear over top as I sit working on a shawl that is inches away from completion and the first wrapping.

I have been avoiding much of the hype of Christmas but now that December is upon us I cannot ignore it. I am attempting to make myself feel good about the Christmas season. It would seem that I am burnt out with how it has been and I wish for a new way of experiencing the season.  The things I love about this time of year are the slowing down, the dark nights, the intimate gatherings of friends and family, and making cookies. I love disappearing into a book with tea and a sweet. Knitting is at its best this time of year. I enjoy the heaviness of a sweater or shawl as it takes shape on your lap and how it begins to warm you even before it becomes whole is a lovely thing. Candles are alight around my house this time of year and I often lay in the bath in candlelight soaking away the cold and the aches.

At the Twisted Purl this time of year we have the yarn for your dreams and your desires. From Alpaca, Cashmere, Merino Wool, Silk, Llama, and Rayon you can create beautiful things. Knit for your family, friends or for yourself. Join us for weekly drop in days, Wednesday and Thursday. Bring the gift of you to the table and maybe learn something knew to expand your knitting or crocheting.

There are new classes for 2018, beginning in January.  Sign up with us and develop your skills so that knitting becomes an ever increasing pleasure. There is nothing like a well made cable hat, or perfectly fitted sweater to bring joy to a maker’s soul.

Monday nights is Knit Night at 6:30 pm. We have been meeting from the beginning of the Twisted Purl and what I love about Monday is how we laugh. Shawna and Barb terrific knitters and creative makers make Mondays really special for me. Thanks for showing up and making me laugh.

Today the sun is out and frost covers the world. I am off to Victoria to play with my Aunt Jan, and my friend Suze. I look forward to walking in the rain and tea at The Empress. The Beehive Yarn store in Victoria is amazing as well so I am sure I will have a lovely peruse. I have left room in my suitcase for yarn.

Dec. 10 we have a Silk Scarf Felting workshop. What a great workshop it is. Join Us for a few hours on Sunday and create a beautiful scarf for the Christmas season.

I am going to begin knitting a Stephen West Cowl on the plane today. Funky colours, warm wool. Here’s to a winter of special knitting projects that expand and soothe the soul.


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