September 29, 2017

Off To The City We Go

I have a significant passion for knitting. Its biggest attraction for me is the endless learning that you can experience with this amazing art. This weekend Bernice and I and “the new girl” Aubrey are heading to Knit City in Vancouver to be in the energy and space of thousands of others who hold the same passion. I am taking classes everyday, with designers and knitters exploring in the infinite adventure that is knitting.

Next week at the Twisted Purl we are beginning our classes for the adventurous knitter. We will be learning with Margaret McKechnie the Art of Knitting a Sock, and then with Bernice we begin crocheting Edward’s Menagerie, soon to be ours. Socks and stuffed animals all in one week. How cool is that. The diversity of the adventure with my knits and purls and now with my crochet hook is really quite thrilling.

I hope you can join us on our adventure, for we are a seeking group, on the path of deepening our human experience with the art of knitting. Learning in community is a great way to take this adventure. The space at 2543 Pleasant Valley Blvd, next to The Twisted Purl will be a wonderful re- purposed space where classes and much learning will be held.

Looking forward to meeting and knitting with many new people.

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