Self Taught Knitting

Yesterday amidst the piles of Shetland wool, just arrived, someone mentioned that they were a “self taught knitter” in a voice that made it seem like they may not be a good enough knitter. Later that evening as Bernice and I were in the Learn to Knit Class we talked about the idea of self taught and it came to our realization that all knitters are self taught. Everyone learns to create hats, sweaters, scarves or blankets by being in the process of learning to knit. Each time we start a new project learning happens. You may discover another way of casting on, decreasing, making 1 or knitting an edge.

As we teach ourselves the intricacies of knitting, people around us inspire and expand how we might know something. This week I knit the thumb hole on mittens 2 different ways. I watched videos from Arne and Carlos on knitting mittens. I explored the different ways you can Make 1 to see how it looks in a shawl. I figured out the i-cord edge on a scarf discovering a very fine way to make a scarf feel finished and professional. I read books about knitting, watched videos and listened and talked to the many people who come and share their expertise and creativity at the store.

I really believe that we are self taught everything in our lives. We pick and choose what interests us and focus where we are inspired and feel alignment. The opportunity with knitting is in self discovery. It allows for each of us to pick beauty in colour, style and function. It is very personal and even when following other people’s patterns we can express our creativity.

When you are self taught you are fully engaged in the process of learning. It is that amazing experience where discovering a new skill is complete focus and new pathways in the brain are created so that when you pick up knitting needles the next time, casting on becomes easier and the pesky purl stitch suddenly slides from the needle and lands gently in its place.

So I encourage all of you who are on the knitting journey to continue to learn from each stitch. Get to know the shape, the feel and the nature of the stitches as they form on your needles. Allow your knitting to inform you and to be an expression of your self. Become a “self taught knitter”.

Happy New Year
Love Kathleen

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