Last night I opened the window, just a little more, so that I could hear the Great Horned Owls sing. It was a lovely way to drift off to sleep after a day of finalizing the buying of a farm, knitting a beautiful hat in a marigold Malibrigo worsted, spending the evening with some very committed knitters and crocheters and helping a family design a knitted blanket for a friend who is mourning. As the sound of the Owls reverberated off the hill, through the trees and into my window I lay in the wonderful knowing that I am being and doing what I am meant to in this life.

This week I was attracted to the patterns from the Knitting Effort for WW II troops. The pattern for the Watch Men’s cap was perfect for my brother Arnie who turns 51 this week. From my yarn stash I found a beautiful natural Alpaca Lopi from Mossnuk Farm in Nelson, B.C. Its deep dark brown colour lent itself to the Watch Cap vibe and with straight needles and 96 stitches transformed into a K1 P1 rib the hat that is timeless and very warm.

      Using the same pattern, different wool and a little spiral stitch another hat was realized. This one in its bright marigold colour will be perfect for one of the grandsons. The next two hats I have on the go are one I am calling “Let It Snow” and the other is a Noro creation celebrating cables and lace. I love knitting hats. They are useful in so many ways not only to wear or give away but also I love exploring designs, knitting techniques, different yarns, and the joy of a small project you can start and finish in a day or 2.

I have a great Owl Cable hat design that I will knit this week in honour of my singing Owls. You can find the pattern here: What fun it is to create and make hats.

Happy Making,
Let It Snow,
Love Kathleen

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