Nov. 12, 2015

I sit listening to a Bach violin concerto sipping on wine from Seven Stones, a good Cabernet Franc, and eat Mt. Ida brie with tapenade on a bun from Askews in Armstrong. The whole house is quiet after much activity. We are doing the last few things that need to get done before winter storms and frost arrive.

I felt truly an adult in this moment. It is strange to consider that thought when you find yourself at 57 suddenly feeling the adultness of your life. It may be the sense of quiet, calm, freedom that comes with just being in the moment. It may be the great wine and the soothing tones of violins or just maybe I am beginning to just let myself be.

This year has been truly amazing in all of its textures, variables and creativity. It began with a bang February 20, 2015 when someone decided not to stop at a Stop sign and in doing so they collided with my beautiful Audi S4, pushing Janice and I into the on coming freight truck. High Impact, broken bones, bruising , head injuries, and the end of much that was before. Hospital stay, cast on my leg, disorientation, discombobulation, frozen, immobility, and endless treatments, became the norm for many months. Healing happened, bruising left, bones came together in agreement, soft tissue continues to redefine itself. Randy, Gail, Tammi, Carrie, and many other professional healers found there way to me. I accepted the help of so many people so that I might sit tonight and experience my new adult being.


As I lay on my side of the bed carefully finding my place many times a day, The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio was built. Steve and Claude took over the vision I had laid out and they created the most beautiful place. It is a place where light exists to shine on the possibility of the quality human experience. Today after only 9 months many people come and explore the potential of focused, joyful creativity. Since August they come to explore knitting, crochet and felting.

All of these arts are based on connecting. Essentially you connect endless variations of loops to create whatever catches your fancy. Time spent connecting loops is time well spent. It provides this unusual experience of focused being, while maintaining a bigger picture. You can talk while you knit, possibly drink wine, watch your favourite shows or just be in the room with your family. I sit, listen to music, my family, knit, and tonight I drink wine.

How does One choose Yarn?

At The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio the options are rich and fun. This week I reached out to an old favourite Noro Kureyon, a worsted weight, loosely spun yarn that bursts with colour surprise . I chose a slipped stitch cowl pattern that you knit with two contrasting balls of Kureyon. Knitting with Noro is fun, for the yarn is very alive, natural and steeped with an extraordinary colour aesthetic. Yarn to knit away the blues with.

A couple of days before I sat with a cup of tea at the table and noticed a yarn languishing in it’s cubicle. Love Wool, shouts out from the label. This yarn is Big, Bulky and the very definition of Loft. In a pale, pink skin colour, knitted with 15 mm needles I created the latest trendy, stylish cowl. The pattern is another dropped stitch confection, that falls gently and warmly around the neck. This pattern is an evening well spent.

From Love Wool to the sublime. I was inspired by a Poncho Design from Blue Sky Alpaca patterns. Wanting something Christmas party-like I decided to use Berrocco Folio with sparkle and Rowan Kidsilk Haze together to create the poncho. I imagined soft, glittering, gentle drape over a party dress. It is really coming together beautifully. I choose yarn to make myself feel good. Sometimes its the feel, sometimes the colour and sometimes the yarn yells from the shelf demanding attention and to be made into something beautiful. The possibilities are truly endless and always inspiring.

If you are intending to knit for your friends and family this Christmas it is time. Give yourself time to enjoy the process of creating for your loved ones. We have lots of patterns for those last minute gifts and also if you have friends that love yarn come by and we can create a kit for them so they can continue to create.

This week I celebrate Remembrance. Connecting with the goodness of my life and honouring what has happened in the last year. As I mentioned before The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio is a place where light exists to shine on the possibility of the quality human experience. I hope that this week you find yourself dwelling on those possibilities.

Happy Days,

Kathleen Logan

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