November is Slipper Month

My mother made me wait until my 9th Christmas to get a bicycle. Up to then I had ridden all my friends and cousins bikes but mother said she wanted me to be a responsible bike rider and that came with age. So on Christmas Morning 1967 there was a bike sitting by the tree. A blue CCM “girl” bike with a white and blue striped seat. No one had pumped up the tires yet but that didn’t stop me from putting on the new slippers all furry and cream colour, and heading out the door and down the stairs for my first real bike ride. In Sayward the snow fell wet and I remember finding the perfect ruts of slush to maneuver in and with flat tires and furry slippers I set off riding up and down the road with Silver our spaniel racing joyfully behind me. That was the beginning of freedom for me, for from then on I was only a bike ride away from where I might like to go.

The slipper did not survive well, for riding in the snow with flat tires means you will occasionally need to put your foot down. The slippers were never the same after that. The fur was clumpy and the mud never really came out of the material. They were like a dirty sheep that only becomes clean when sheared. I can still feel the cold slush seeping into and over the slipper as I rode “my” bike that Christmas Morning.

We have been knitting slippers at the Twisted Purl the last few weeks and I would love to see what slippers you are knitting. Do you have favourite pattern or a favourite slipper story?  Jane has knitted up a pair of leather bottom slippers, Trina has dropped off some fine crocheted moccasins, Linda knitted up a pair of Booties from Tin Can Knits and I knitted and felted slippers from Arne and Carlos’s book of Slipper patterns. I learned a few new techniques and really loved being in the winter vibe of making slippers.

Here’s to a November of calm and remember those Slipper days.

Love Kathleen

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