It is the Last day of January 2018, the moon shines full for the second time this month and the sun lightens the dark corners of my mind. I write today having survived a snotty nosed cold this month, survived the celebration of turning 60 years, and the endless days of snow and grey. I have rested in the wonderful piles of knitting projects that only ask that you pick the needles up and pay attention to the count.  The fullness and intensity of 2017 came to rest on my mind, body and soul in January. I escaped to long periods of time in bed letting the darkness allow me to rest. I am still sleepy as I write this and look towards the last sleeve on my sweater project with longing so that I can just rest in the knits and purls.

Even as I wallowed in my slowness there was much activity at The Twisted Purl. A great group came and learned to knit. Their first hats were realized. New fair isle projects were started with wool from the Shetland Isles. Jane knitted an amazing blanket from Fleece Artist Yarns. Weighty beautiful and warm. Baby sweaters and blankets are being born in time for the spring. Bernice has knitted a skirt and shawl, great inspiration for those adventurous beginner knitters. It is such an honour to be surrounded by committed and skilled creative knitters.

Tomorrow is February and there is more light in our days. I look forward to a new energy and even more terrific knitting projects.

Happy Winter.



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