We walked the freshly uncovered fields at the farm this morning. The rodents have left their winter pathways and holes everywhere. Geese, ducks and swans yelled at me from afar, disturbed by my presence. Small green sprouts have come alive overnight transforming with the sun and the melt. Birds galore sang and frolicked.

This morning I dug up the walnut trees that have grown from walnuts that I put in a garden bed last spring. Forty three trees grew. They have amazing tap roots and as Dad dug up the single whip trees we were surprised at how much growth happened in just one year. It is so inspiring to see how things grow in just a short time.

It is also very inspiring to see all of the amazing knitting, and crocheting that has been going on at The Twisted Purl. This winter, socks, sweaters, vests, shawls, scarves, mitts, ponchos and hats were created with joy. I am very impressed by the commitment that so many people have to making beautiful things with yarn. It is with much gratitude that I offer the space and the yarn so that this might happen.

Once again I have been attracted to knitting with Noro Yarn. A new yarn this spring Nishiki a cotton blend, is perfect for a “pi” shaped waistcoat. My Monday night Knitting group are tackling the Cascade Knitterati year long project of knitting a new square every 3 weeks that will become a blanket. We have the yarn and we are working on the first pattern.

Spring knitting is about new colour and about adding cotton, silk or linen to the mix. Creating clothes that breathe when the temperatures are hot.

Heres to Spring

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