Tajai our grandson, was over tonight for Lego time, Halloween pancakes and an insect finding computer game with his Grandpa. He has survived his first month of grade one, coming out of it with only a snotty nose and some black bags under his eyes. As Tajai dipped his bat and skull shaped pancakes into the maple syrup, I thought about how fortunate we are to have such a close and connected family. He left with his Star Wars character costume on, relaxed and excited about this coming spooky weekend.
Oliver, our 3 year old grandson, arrived this morning in full Count Dracula vampire regalia. He had put the makeup on especially for us. Cape flying out behind him, he ran up the stairs calling for us to celebrate as he was singing Charlotte Diamond’s song “Looking for Dracula”. What fun it is to experience his unfettered joyous approach to life. His motto this summer has been “Just Do It”.
Tomorrow I am baking Halloween cookies and cakes with Oliver and his Mom, Amy. He has picked the pumpkins for baking and we will make whoopie cookies, chocolate spider cookies and lots of ghost and witch sugar cookies.

tajai         This week has been about the importance of community and connection. It began with working in the garden with Fran and Coral, as we pulled the summer plants and dug up the garden beds making sure the couche grass roots were disposed of. The sun was warm and the leaves on the maples and dogwoods spectacular. The worms were still active and Dad arrived to transplant the volunteer lettuces under the new and improved hoops over a couple of beds. If the weather continues this mild we are going to have lettuce for Christmas Dinner.
Knitting night was another time of connection and inspiration. This Monday two people showed up to share their knitting time. It was really great because I was knitting and sharing with women I have just met. We sat in a creative act, knitting mitts, a spa face cloth and some cabled slippers talking of our past, our present and future. There was harmony, ease and inspiring knitting and life ideas. When people create together an amazing human alignment occurs.
I am really grateful for all of the people who have shown up in my life to create with me. Whether its grandchildren, children, Steve, endless family, friends and all of the people who have come to be part of our businesses, thank you for making my human experience joyous and spectacular.
With Love,

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