The Shawls of Summer

Yesterday Jane, Diane and Karen all displayed their summer shawls at the Twisted Purl. All of the girls had knitted with Sea Turtle Yarn and what different and beautiful results they had. Many hours of quiet knitting goes into a shawl. Jane mentioned that one row near the end took an hour to knit. That’s hundreds of stitches


DSC_0301 (2)

From shawls to winter time knitting we go. Hats, mitts, sweaters and dryer balls. Dryer balls are a fun distraction from the serious knitting involved in the cowl and scarves that attract. Gabbie is holding a Saturday distraction October 8th, so that you too can have your own personal set of dryer balls. Cutting down the time it takes to dry your clothes and helping with wrinkles and static cling, dryer balls make a big difference in your laundry routine. Dryer Balls from the Twisted Purl are personalized and we expect them to develop personality. So, join us and create your own Dryer Balls.

Dryer Balls     Join us in October for the Learn to Knit classes. Linda and I will be teaching on Thursday Nights. Check out our Website for details. Linda and I are also celebrating the Hat and Mitts in October and November. We will explore the wonders of hats both knitted and crocheted. This class is designed for knitters and crocheters who want to explore and build confidence in making hats and mittens. Hats and Mittens are a great opportunity to build your skills while creating functional and beautiful things.

Jane and I are off to Knit City this weekend in Vancouver. We have signed up for some classes and I am looking forward to new learning and being even more inspired.

Have a great week knitting to your hearts content.

Love Kathleen

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