Water, Water Everywhere.

First it came down from the sky then from the mountain, filling creeks, and enlivening springs, then overflowing culverts and old water pathways. We have dug with shovels, excavators and filled hundreds of sand bags. All in an effort to keep the water flowing in the right direction. Its been going on for four weeks. The water of the lake continues to rise. Where walls once created barriers now they stand six inches under water. Debris and pieces of people’s lake lives float onto what is left of our beach. A huge Pine tree lays head first in the water its roots unearthed. We fill the water pump every three hours keeping the lake at bay. The spring of 2017 will be remembered for its wateriness.

Today there is some calm. The berm to the north is working against the water flow, we have done everything that we can do to allow for the water to flow where there is little impact. Dad has sandbagged his tomato garden, the creeks are flowing in their beds and the sun is drying the earth. I have planted a squash garden, I am getting the rest of the tomatoes and peppers in and my Chinese vegetable garden is planted. What a month.

On the knitting front there has been some good fun. This week I knitted a hat made from a vintage Reynolds Lopi pattern. Knitting with Lopi was a treat. The natural strength and character of this yarn is very fun and what a beautiful hat. I continue to work on my Scarfy Thing, a pattern from Hedgehog fibres. It is a improvised Jazz Knitting pattern. I am playing with Noro Taiyo and some lovely Mulberry Linen from Daimond. I sit on my porch in the new spring warmth and watch the water imagining that whatever it needed to cleanse has been cleansed and a new truth has arrived.

Happy Spring.

Lopi HatHat of the week!

This super warm, textured hat has been knit by Kathleen out of our Lopi yarn. She has used a vintage pattern that is available in store. Come on in to feel and enjoy it for yourself!


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