October 13th, 2017

The first set of needles that I learned to knit with were red plastic. Single pointed needles, they were about 12 inches long and with the acrylic yarn that my grandmother had in the basket by the couch, I cast on with the Backwards Loop method. The yarn squeaked against the plastic needles and the tight cast on made it almost impossible to knit into the stitches. When I discovered wooden needles, and wool yarn and then metal needles and more wool yarn my knitting experience just got better and better.

At the store almost everyday we have people come in still very attached to their grandmothers needles. I suggest gathering them up and putting them in a vase as if they were flowers and then invest in something that just plain works better. The gift of technology has seeped into the world of knitting and crochet needles and now options for a quality knitting experience is readily available. Bamboo, maple, birch, stainless steel and driftwood from the beaches of India make up many of the needles we have at the Twisted Purl. Short, long, cubic, double pointed, interchangeable circular needles, come individually or in packs.

We invite you to come and check them out. See if you can create your own needle traditions that fit the projects that you are interested in.

With Gratitude, Kathleen

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