Fair Isle, Intarsia, big wool, worsted, fingering, DK, gauge, Merino, silk, Corriedale, Blue Faced Leister, modal, polyester, bamboo, alpaca, llama, cashmere, nylon, sock weight, mohair, these words of the yarn business fill up my head. It’s been a year and half and this love affair with yarn and knitting continues with an intensity that I didn’t know would happen.
I knit a hat every week, cowls on the side, blankets when I can, three sweaters on the go, shawl patterns line up in the corners of my mind and the fair isle scarf knitted in Jamieson and Smith wool from the Shetlands, haunts my dreams and my waking hours.
I read blogs about knitting and wool. I read vintage pattern books, and new pattern books. I scour second hand book stores for anything yarn and when I wonder through the garden or in the woods I see patterns that could be translated into the next work. It is an absolutely terrific and fun obsession that I am thrilled to be able to inhabit at this time in my life. I don’t have to rush home to make anyone dinner except if I want to. I can, when awoken by an inspiration, spend time in the early or late hours of the morning writing, knitting or planning. I buy the yarn I want and I sit with it, play with it and explore its possibilities.
I have jumped off the edge of another reality and found the excitement of a whole new world filled with creativity, community, freedom and fun. I explore without the fear of failure and wander through the vagaries of the world of yarn wondering what yarn will attract my attention next. It is really like being a magpie, ever watchful for the next interesting thing. In the process I am learning much about myself. I find that I am very good at starting things, more challenged with finishing and completing those 3 sweaters, open to the next beautiful yarn or pattern, totally connected to natural unapologetic wool and I love great design.
I continue to over commit and get confused by too much detail. I love creating the opportunity for community to exist, and supporting people to expand the creative action in their lives. I love the new friends that I am making and the ease of this creative life.
This week I would like to thank all of the people who show up at the Twisted Purl to share their creativity and themselves as they Jump off the edge of another reality with me and enter into the wonderful obsession that is yarn.
Have a Yarn Full Week
Love Kathleen

Evergreen Duo

This week’s hat is out of Knitter’s Magazine’s “Winter 2016” issue.

This hat  has a matching cowl pattern and they are called “Ever-Green Duo”. It’s a super fast knit in a super bulky yarn. Kathleen has chosen to do it in Berroco’s “Macro”.

If you can’t find it in stores, you can purchase the magazine online as a hard copy, or as a digital download by clicking here: Winter 2016.

DSC_0570(1)DSC_0565(1)Fair-Isle Update!

The ladies are doing an incredible job with the amazing yarn from Jamieson and Smith! We cannot believe the pieces of art they are creating. Pictured above is the pillow Margaret’s making and pictured below is the pillow Carol is making. Next week we’ll be sure to include Bernice and Kathleen’s progress!

If you’re interested in getting started in fair isle, be sure to stop in, we have the yarn and patterns available and will be happy to get you on your way!

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